Los mejores consejos para tu huerto urbano en casa

The best tips for your urban garden at home

With each passing day, more people join the initiative to start their own urban garden at home. Regardless of whether it is a small space on the balcony or terrace of your home, this decision allows you to have a healthier diet, taking care of the environment and your finances at the same time.

Therefore, if you also want to enjoy these great benefits, it is time for you to explore each grow kit available on our website and pay attention to the advice that we will leave you with in this opportunity.

Best tips to promote the well-being of your plants

Eliminate insects and fungi naturally in your garden

Two natural allies that can help you take care of the health of your crops are garlic and onion. To take advantage of its benefits you will need to cut and crush about 4 large onions and 2 heads of garlic.

The next step will be to leave them in a large container and add about 10 liters of water. Cover the container halfway, and keep it for 10 days in a space away from light and high temperatures.

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