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250ml Organic Liquid fertilizer for orchids - Greater vitality and flowering

250ml Organic Liquid fertilizer for orchids - Greater vitality and flowering

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  • NATURALLY PROLONGS FLOWERING & STIMULATES GROWTH - Carefully manufactured in Spain with organic non-toxic ingredientes providing the necessary nutrients and minerals for your indoor and outdoor orchids. Improves natural orchid flowering, vigour and health.
  • QUICK AND EFFECTIVE RESULTS WITH 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS - Formulated only with natural ingredientes including NPK 2-2-7, Plant-based Aminoacids, Chelated Iron, Chelated Magnesium, Chelated Copper and other Chelated Microelements. Quickly improves overall plant health and bloom.
  • READY TO USE SPRAY ON ALL KINDS OF ORCHIS - The formula has been prepared at our facilities. Ready to Use Spray on all kinds of indoor and outdoor orchids.
  • 100% RECYCLABE BOTTLE & ECO FRIENDLY PRODUCTION - All of our products go through rigoruous quality control processes. We only use enviromentally friendly and natural ingredients in our production.
  • NAUKUA - Our goal is to bring the essence of nature into your home with our eco-friendly and sustainable products. Don't hesitate to reach out to us directly is you have any questions or need assistance with your product
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Alana A.

Mi orquídea ha renacido, no me lo puedo creer, lo recomiendo totalmente

Begoña R.
Muy buen fertilizante para mis plantas

Mis plantas están preciosas desde que les rocio con el fertilizante natural.

Beti F.
Abono plantas

Mi planta lo agradece

Juan R.
Producto ecológico

Mis orquideas tienen mucho mejor aspecto, incluso han empezado a salir nuevos brotes

Santiago F.

Pocas aplicaciones ya se notan las orquideas más radiantes.