Como cuidar tus orquídeas. Principales cuidados de la orquídea.

How to take care of your orchids? Main care of the orchid.

When it comes to decorating our balcony, terrace, garden or home interiors, orchids stand out for their beautiful and attractive flowers. However, they are very susceptible and require a series of care to preserve their vitality.

For this reason, if you plan to buy one of these magnificent plants or have been given one as a gift, here we will detail how to care for orchids and what type of fertilizer they need.

First of all, we recommend you identify what types of orchids are and what species yours belongs to. This step will allow you to discover what peculiarities characterize him and what kind of special care he needs. In general, it is possible to know the gender of your plant according to the identification tag that usually comes with this kind of flowers.

Orchid root care

Despite the fact that many still do not know it, the roots of the orchids must remain inside a container or pot that allows the passage of light, this means that it is transparent and made of plastic. Why?

First of all, because thanks to the transparency of the pot, sunlight can reach the roots. Therefore, they can obtain the nutrients they require.

Secondly, because this way you can easily check if pests are present or if the roots are too big. In short, you will be able to see if your plant is healthy.

como cuidar las orquideas

Fertilizer for orchids

Orchids can grow in the middle of substrates lacking in nutrients, since they imitate their natural environment, that is, tree trunks. For this reason, one of the cares that we should not overlook when looking at our orchids is to pay them regularly.

Some of the most valuable minerals for any type of orchid you may have are potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen. These plants do not have a high nutritional requirement, and you can pay them during the growth period of their leaves and their stem. One subscription per month is recommended. After this, we recommend you take a break when its beautiful flowers begin to bloom.

How to water your orchids

How to water orchids? It is best to carry out copious and distant irrigations, thus ensuring the elimination of excess water after each irrigation. The simplest way to do this is to submerge the pot in a container of water for about 11 minutes.

Keep in mind that when watering orchids, you should not wet the upper area, much less the leaves. Also, once you remove the pot you have to let it drain to drain the excess water. You can repeat this process weekly, or once you start to notice the roots turning gray.

Orchid pruning

After you behold the charm and beauty of your orchids and their flowers fall, it will be necessary to prune the plant. In this way you can be sure that it will continue to grow, without losing nutrients and vitality in its withered floral rods.

Additionally, to avoid going overboard with pruning, look at the tiny buds you can find on the stem, known as pseudobulbs, and then make a cut just below them.

Fertilizers for orchids

It is necessary to remember one of the most relevant points regarding how to care for orchids. It is the fertilizer for orchids, since they have to undergo a rigorous defense and health control during their growth.

abono liquido orquideas

At Naukua, we use only natural and vegan ingredients that respect the environment. In addition, we only manufacture liquid fertilizers for orchids since the effect and distribution is the most optimal in this format.

Do not forget to visit our online store to acquire the best fertilizer for your orchids. This product, available in different dosages, only has natural ingredients that nourish the different types of orchids, promoting their growth and providing a biostimulant effect.

Don't wait any longer and start putting each of our recommendations into practice to provide the best care for your orchids.

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